Seasonal Maintenance


At Sprinkler and Lawns, we understand that each season brings unique challenges and opportunities for maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape. Our comprehensive Seasonal Maintenance service ensures your lawn and sprinkler systems are well-prepared for the changing weather conditions, keeping your property in top shape year-round.

Our Seasonal Maintenance includes:

1. Spring Preparation: We kick off the growing season with a thorough inspection of your sprinkler system, adjusting and repairing any components as needed. Lawn aeration, fertilization, and seeding are performed to encourage strong, healthy growth.

2. Summer Care: Our team provides regular mowing, weed control, and irrigation system monitoring to ensure your lawn stays green and resilient during the hot summer months.

3. Fall Cleanup: We prepare your lawn for winter with leaf removal, lawn dethatching, and applying fall fertilizer. We also winterize your sprinkler system to protect it from freezing temperatures.

4. Winter Protection: Our winter services include snow removal and monitoring your landscape to prevent winter damage, ensuring a smooth transition into spring.

Trust Sprinkler and Lawns for all-season care that keeps your lawn and sprinkler systems thriving, no matter the weather.

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